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Heyyyyoooo.. I really excited to telling you this guys. As you can see I’m a big fan of kpop but never really show it up to my friends because they didn’t like kpop very much! 😆 and I think I should appreciate them. Begin with Bigbang, 2ne1 and now that I really into is BLACKPINK.

I’ve never really so in love with kpop before BLACKPINK was exist. Back then I just kinda like love their music and downloaded them. But now in the new era of kpop where BLACKPINK exist I think I’m going insane about them. But in a different way. You still can say I’m not a hardcore fan. I didn’t buy their album, their light stick or maybe just a piece of poster that available on YG official store. Because that’s all too expensive for me !! Hahaha.

Call me poor but hell yeah I am. I just love watching them from the internet. At least that’s all I can do. I watched all their videos. Never missed any update from fanclub account. Everything ONLINE. 😆 And after all this time my dream will come true. I’ll meet them!!! I’ll meet the girls. YG Princess. That girlgroup that makes a lot of record.

The story begin with my college friend that told me that he want to go to BLACKPINK Concert. And I was like “ok go on then. I’ll stay in my bed and watch your instagram story.” And he was like “dafuqq ? You’ll join me. It’s all on my credit card don’t worry you can pay it any time.” At that time I was like yeah stupidass you can say that but how do we gonna get the tickets ?? We have to fight with a lot of fans out there. It’s must be hard to get the tickets.

The concert will be held on January 20th 2019 and the the tickets is available on December 7th 2018 at 2pm. I was in my office back then. I was like a stupid person who always stay there in front of my computer refreshing the website that sale the ticket. I even skip my lunch time for it. I know it’s not ok to do that I’m not gonna do that again Mom, I love you btw.

After 2 hours be in the ticketwar I thought that we’ll not gonna make it so we decided to let it go. My friend was so upset with the people who bought the tickets and then sale it with more expensive price than the normal price. Well I had to say “maybe this is not our time, you can still enjoy the Edd Sheeran concert”.

The next day is Saturday and it’s Campus day for me. I was just got wash when my friend calling me. “Bitch I got the tickets!!!” And that was the most incridible thing that my friend would ever say to me.

And then yeaah.. we got the Platinum tickets. No need to say I’m so happy because I know you’ll know I am. My friend told me that he never left the website after I told him to let it go. Such a dumbass. And more crazy thing about him is he just being a kpop fan on 2018. And it’s because BTS.

So actually I’ve never been to any concert before. IN YOUR AREA Concert will be my first time and I hope I got the most amazing moment when that day come.

Is there any one of you that also going to the concert ? Let’s meet up there!!! See you soon 🌸



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