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Heyyy !! I would like to write in English (again). This is my second time hehe. Never really feel that I can speak English so well but here I am..

So today I’m going to review about a Webtoon. It kind of like app that contain a lot of comics in many genre. Just in case you don’t know there are Korean dramas that inspired or remaking the story from it. One of them that I love the most is “My ID is Gangnam Beauty” it was so awsome I’m not lying.

Back with the Webtoon. I gotta say I’m in love with a Webtoon latey. The tittle is LOVE REVOLUTION. This Webtoon has half of my heart right now. When I’m Gangnam Beauty is over with #92 eps, I’m starting to looking forward to the other Webtoon. From all that Webtoon, I decided to read out LOVE REVOLUTION because of the cover. From the cover I can see the girl is such a quite and had a cool character. I love her !! Whoever that design her face and her body I would like to say thanks !!

So the story is quite natural like it’s so close to our daily life or mostly in Korean society but I still can feel the vibe even though I’ve never been to Korea before (pffttt I wish I could go there soon). The girl that I’ve been talk about is Wang Ja Rim. Wang Ja Rim is a normal girl that has bad experience with a guy. So she’s not talked too much as before This Webtoon has a lot of character. But… Wait !!

I’m not here to spoiled the whole story.. you gotta find out what is it like by yourself !! I’m here to recommend you guy to read this Webtoon. You’ll gonna love it.

bye !!




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