My Opinion As A BLINK About Jennie’s attitude at BLACKPINK Concert

Hey !! Well.. before I start, I want you guys to know that I really-really admire BLACKPINK since YG posted their first dance practice. Everything about them is just awesome for me. Like they just suit my type for a Korean girl group right now. This year they’re made a big comeback with Ddu-Du-Ddu-Du as their main track and the other three songs which are so amazing and I like them all. They came up with Square Up mini album and made a good comeback ever. The music video was reach 500M views on youtube and they become more popular in Asia or maybe around the world.

After all of that YG made fans gone crazy about Jennie’s Solo. Some people think it’s too early for BLACKPINK to do their solo. People also think that YG is being so nice to Jennie than other members like what he did before to CL. But YG confirmed that he would like to make a solo for each member.  First is Jennie and the next one is Rose. Jennie’s Solo is a success, the MV becomes #1 trending on youtube for few days in several countries. The song is catchy and the choreography is so on point.

But there’s something that really makes me unhappy to see lately. A lot of kpop fans posted a video on Youtube about Jennie being lazy when she dances to Boombayah at BLACKPINK  concert, and it’s hit 2M views. Of course, it’s gone viral. Many of kpop fans or even the people who said that they’re BLINK are talking shit about her. And then here we go…


As you can see I’ve declared myself as a BLINK on the first paragraph. Well, if you think I defend Jennie it’s up to you but here’s the thing I wanna say. If you guys do not agree with me then it’s ok for me.

What I see in that video that went viral lately is Jennie feel tired at that time. Or maybe we can say she is just lazy as you guys said.. it’s ok. I’m not mad at you for calling Jennie is lazy. I don’t know. It’s just hurt to see the other BLINK out there are also talking shit about her. I saw a comment a few days ago that said: ” I’m a blink but I really disappointed when I see this video.” – “She’s got a star syndrome ” – and a lot of comment that I really really want to destroy the delete button because I can’t delete them all. I don’t want Jennie to see that kind of hateful comment. I know what it feels like to be depressed with what other people say. The word that has to be questioning when you see any kpop idol do not give their best performance is “Are ok Jennie ?” beside of saying “she’s lazy”. When you said something bad about any idol just remember that you’re just fans like me. You’re not their friend, you don’t know everything neither am I. So you can’t say anything bad without knowing them in a person. I know this situation can not be denied. And it’s Jennie consequences to having all of this situation. I hope Jennie do not bother with all this hate comment and keep doing her best for BLACKPINK & BLINK.

That’s all I can say with my very bad English grammar. Bye !!!!



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